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Empower yourselves

with a good education, then get out there

and use that education to build a country

worthy of your boundless promise.

Modern Office
Woman in White Blouse

Interviews - POPPING!

Thanks for updating my resume. I've been on FIVE interviews since I posted my resume. I'm not sure which job offer I'll take but you got me popping!

J. Beatty

Attractive Mature Woman
HIRED, thanks to SCC

When we first moved to Georgia, I didn't get any calls or job offers for the first 3 weeks which had me a bit discouraged at first, but week 4, I started getting calls from several businesses. I went from dry desert to an abundance of calls for interviews -- all thanks to you for the resume you created for me. I'm happy to report I accepted a position at Piedmont Atlanta. Thank you again for creating a beautiful, clean and professional for me.

L. Bright

Man in Black Suit

Easy to work with

Extraordinary professional!

It has been an honor to work with someone of her caliber. She is deliberate with her consulting tactics and implements with great attention to every detail. Shannon was easy to work and communicate with. Additionally, Shannon puts her heart and soul into her work. She gives you everything she's got when providing guidance and feedback! I would hire her again.

D. Rice

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